Vinyl Paints & Accessories

Vinyl Paints and Repair Accessories

LFPA supplies a full range of products for the repair and colouring of vinyl. We can also provide training in the use of these products.

Vinyl Paints

A wide range of Vinyl paint colours are available including the popular: black, white, ochre, green, blue, lemon, fire red, violet, red, silver and duller.

Heat Repair Paste

This heat-activated repair paste is used for filling in holes, cuts, scratches etc. in both vinyl and leather surfaces.

Grain Pads

Use these silicon grain pads to emboss a grain effect in the hot repair paste.

Complete On-site Repair Kit

We supply full on-site repair kits which can be tailored to suit your special requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We can arrange comprehensive training courses on the use of our products and processes for vinyl repairs – see the Training and Technical Services Menu in the navigation panel.