Leather Repair & Colouring System

RTU – Leather Repair & Colouring System

“Introducing the new, environmentally safe, Ready-To-Use system for Leather & Vinyl Repair & Colouring”

RTU is a premixed, water-based, Leather and Vinyl repair and colouring system    developed by LFPA. By eliminating the need for solvents we have taken the industry to a new level of environmental safety. All the mixing has been done for you, saving time and cost. It is simple and convenient to use and produces amazing results.

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The product range comprises:


RTU Cleaner/Preparation Agent

RTU-007: RTU Prep Wash – Prepares leather/vinyl for priming or colouring

RTU Primer / Adhesion Promoter

RTU-08002: RTU Adhesion Promoter/Primer – Can be used as a primer to achieve better adhesion

Range of RTU Pigments (all resins added)

RTU-212: RTU Pigment Maroon
RTU-215: RTU Pigment Jet Black
RTU-224: RTU Pigment Dark Brown
RTU-226: RTU Pigment Lemon Yellow
RTU-229: RTU Pigment Golden Yellow
RTU-230: RTU Pigment Violet
RTU-238: RTU Pigment Creamy White
RTU-256: RTU Pigment Yellow Orange
RTU-259: RTU Pigment Tan
RTU-261: RTU Pigment Blue
RTU-269: RTU Pigment Brown (Havana)
RTU-271: RTU Pigment Green
RTU-280: RTU Pigment Scarlet
RTU-285: RTU Pigment Ochre
RTU-001: RTU Pigment Magenta

Dulling Agent For RTU Pigments

RTU-003: RTU Dulling Agent – Mix with RTU Pigments to achieve desired gloss

Topcoats for RTU Pigments

RTU-004: RTU Topcoat Gloss
RTU-005: RTU Topcoat Dull
RTU-008: RTU Topcoat Extreme Gloss

RTU Clear Resin

RTU-006: RTU Clear Resin – Add concentrated pigment to achieve desired colour

RTU Fillers For Cuts & Scratches

RTU-78-034: RTU Leather Filler – Stucco paste used to fill scratches
RTU-002: RTU Heat Repair Paste – Heat activated filler

RTU Crosslinker

RTU-18-452: RTU Crosslinker – Used with topcoats to increase physical properties such as feel and wet and dry rub resistance

The RTU System simplifies the entire repair/recolour process. It has great advantages, saving time and cost by removing most mixing steps required for repair and recolour work – on both leather and vinyl surfaces. And being totally water-based it importantly does away with the need for solvents making the system environmentally friendly.