Leather Cleaning, Conditioning & Care Products

SABA – Premium Leather Cleaning, Conditioning & Care Products

We consider our SABA range of Premium Leather Care Products to be among the best in the industry. Providing great value for money, experience shows their use will assure excellent results and high customer satisfaction.

SABA Leather Cleaner 

Ideal for most finished leathers, it is a simple-to-use spray and wipe application that removes all dust, dirt, grease and oils that can build up on the leather, leaving the surface ready for conditioning.

SABA Crème (Leather Conditioner)    


One of our best-sellers, SABA Crème is a high quality conditioning crème that leaves the leather with a lovely patina and feeling smooth and silky soft. SABA Crème will protect your leather from drying out and cracking. We believe that it is the best product of its kind in the market.

SABA Leather Balm

This waxy conditioner, or balm, is ideal for waxed and oil pull-up leathers. Try it and see the results!

SABA Tinting Crème

This is a specially designed crème to which pigment can be added to refresh leather. It will enhance the existing colour and hide scratches and normal wear. We can tint to match your colour needs or you can add your own pigment.

SABA Nubuck/Suede Refresher      

This product is used to enhance the surface appearance of Nubuck and Suede leathers